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Who We Are and What We Do

We are a group of dog-lovers from Swampscott, MA that worked towards constructing a safe environment where Swampscott's 1200+ registered dogs can exercise and socialize.   We raised funds for the project creation and implementation.  

4. Community dog parks foster a sense of community between dog owners. We believe ours contributes to the vibrancy and diversity of Swampscott.

3. A dog park also promotes safety in the community because instead of dogs playing in the streets, they are in a designated safe area.

2. Dog parks allow dogs to roam freely without leashes. Leashes limit dogs' motion and can even cause them to be territorial.

1. Dogs require daily exercise and contact with other dogs to remain healthy. Socialized dogs learn the skills to better interact with others.

Why a Dog Park?

Our Park

Most of the towns in the North Shore have dog parks. They vary in features they offer, but behind each one is the desire to do right by our best friends.  Swampscott's park is packed stone dust, with shade structures and access to water, except in the winter when the water is shut off.

The end result is a fenced-in area that is a safe place for dogs to play, without the fear about getting loose. We recognize that in Swampscott, not everyone has a fenced-in yard.

Also, every dog is in a different place in their training journey, and some haven't yet mastered the whole come on command thing. We want them to be able to have fun too while alleviating your worry that once off-leash, they'd never return. 

Donate for the Dogs

We appreciate all contributions, whether large or small. You help us with your donations to make the dog park a great place to be.

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