Our Park

Most of the towns in the North Shore have dog parks. They vary in features they offer, but behind each one is the desire to do right by our

best friends.

Our park is being built in phases. The end result will be a fenced-in area that will be a safe place for dogs to play, without the fear about getting loose. We recognize that in Swampscott, not everyone has a

fenced-in yard.

Also, every dog is in a different place in their training journey, and some haven't yet mastered the whole come on command thing. We want them to be able to have fun too while alleviating your worry that once off-leash, they'd never return. 

Park Phases:



Status = Complete

We started with a large, tree-less lot behind Swampscott's Cemetery:

  • We cleared the land.

  • We leveled the land.

  • We laid down a layer of crushed stone to help prevent weed growth.

  • We connected to the water system in place for the cemetery, brining a spigot to the park area.

  • We created signage for park rules, directions to the entrance, and cemetery etiquette.

  • We installed a kiosk for messaging and signage.

  • We fenced in the area, creating two large and equal areas of play.

  • We worked with the Town to create the Pooch Pass system of park maintenance.


Attainment & Spreading

Status = Complete

With the help of DPW, and generous donations, we obtained and spread the second layer on the ground, which is stone dust.  It drains well, is soft on feet, and doesn't retain odors the way wood chips do.

Many folks ask about grass.  Grass would be difficult to maintain for various reasons.

  • There was no grass to begin with, so we’d need to have layers of sod/soil in order to get to a plantable space.

  • We would need to close the park or at least half the park until the grass is grown and have enough volunteers willing to monitor and tend the growth.

  • We don’t have an irrigation system and this area would require that.

  • Consideration must be given to the fact that lots of dogs racing around on it and eliminating on it, would likely make it very difficult to maintain.  In other words, after all the expense of attaining it, it could very well return to a dirt lot.


Comfort Stage

Status = Work In Progress

With the help of more volunteers (hopefully) we will be planning and mapping out:

  • benches/seating, both inside and outside of the park

  • tables, both inside and outside of the park

  • shade structures, both inside and outside of the park

  • planters, both inside and outside of the park

  • agility equipment

  • trees that will over time provide additional shade

  • additional bag dispensers throughout the park,

  • more amenities that we haven’t even thought of yet.

Help Us

All this requires funds and volunteers. Your help is always appreciated.

Volunteer With Us

Donate for the Dogs

Volunteers are a vital part of our organization and are greatly appreciated. We welcome new members as well as returning volunteers.

We appreciate all contributions, whether large or small. You help us with your donations to make the dog park a great place to be.

Big Blue SPOT is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization that relies on private donations to keep our park running. 

Our Tax ID# is 26-3831931.

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